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Pamper your body... feed your soul!

Sisters Soap began as a joint venture between my sister Caitlin and I in 2001.


Caitlin made the award winning cheeses at her farm Appleton Creamery, and provided the fresh goat milk for my soaps.

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Caitlin has now retired and her beloved goat herd has gone to live at Fuzzy Udder Creamery in Whitefield, Maine. Jesse Dowling, a former cheesemaking apprentice of Caitlin’s, started Fuzzy Udder Creamer in 2011, and now continues to make several of Caitlin’s best selling cheeses, as well as many delicious varieties of her own. As Sisters Soaps’s new “soap sister,” she continues to provide us with fresh goat milk.


Our soaps are visually stunning as well as nutrient rich. The addition of dried flowers, herbs and seeds make each bar unique and appealing.


The use of recycled containers for molds allows for a variety of unique shapes that you won’t find elsewhere. Because Sister Soaps are all hand-poured and hand-cut, individual weights vary slightly.


Our large selection of scents ensures that everyone will discover a personal favorite!
Featured aboard Maine's premier coastal cruising schooner, Grace Bailey, Sisters Soaps were chosen to greet each guest in their cabin as a Captain's Choice, Best of Maine product. 

Throughout New England and to New York, Sisters Soaps are offered by discerning shops and loved everywhere rich scents and creamy suds are enjoyed to make every bath and shower into a lush occasion. 



"I love supporting small businesses and I love Maine and I love soap so - it's a win all around! I absolutely love my Sister Soap. Not only is it beautiful to look at and adds real charm to your bathroom decor, but it also smells and feels amazing too. My favorite is the Lavendar Mint scent."

- K. Evans via Google Review

Featured "Best of Maine" by



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