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Sisters Soaps is a thriving part of Maine's maker culture and a cottage industry profile of best practices and earnest effort. We supply shops throughout New England and our brand is a highly regarded, clear conscience source and quality benchmark. 


Our products market themselves in any retail atmosphere, and help market all your other displayed inventory. The chosen scents and colorings of Sisters Soaps are alluring accents and affecting purchase triggers.

Throughout New England,

Sisters Soap Sells Itself & Everything Else


You want people to have a good impression of your store because then they will stay longer and shop more. The natural scents of Sisters Soaps do that very well.


Scent and color have an umbrella effect on your other displayed inventory. In the same way that baking bread triggers appetite, comfort and welcome, and red walls trigger gregarious conversation; the lush natural fragrances and palette of Sisters Soaps evoke ripe fruits, lush plants, and the simple charm of Maine life.


Our soaps sell themselves by design and bolster other sales as well because they add to customers' impressions of your store and to their time spent shopping.


Add to this the wide variety of shapes our soaps come in, due to our using recycled containers, and the inclusion of dried flowers, herbs and seeds that emphasize that our products are each unique and handmade - then you can easily understand how these stacked evocations work to enhance the tone, experience and effect of your retail display efforts.


You're not just buying products to sell, but products that help sell your other products. 


Sister Soaps has a second manufacturing facility on Matinicus Island, in the Penobscot Bay. The family has had property there for 60 years. For much of the summer Megan can be found there losbtering with her husband aboard CLOSE ENOUGH, the white boat pictured above. 

This second site allows for supplementary production to keep client's shelves stocked and ready. Below is a sampling of current affiliates that are cleaning up with Sisters Soaps:

Sampling of Sisters Soap Affiliates

ME Botanical Gardens store.jpg
Archipelago Stor.jpg
ARtful Heart.jpg
Rockwell Museum NY.png

Brand Attributes:

  • Handmade, poured and cut in Maine. 

  • We use sustainably harvested palm oil, as well as olive oils and coconut oil.

  • Our products are scented with both essential oils as well as fragrance oils.

  • Most of our soap molds are recycled containers.​

  • Where applicable, we use locally grown herbs and flowers in the soaps.

  • Scent and color enhances the retail experience, and work as lucrative purchase triggers.

  • The goat milk featured in our products is sourced locally from award-winning Appleton Creamery, my sister's goat farm.

Wholesale Details:

  • We do not require a minimum

  • Shipping is at-cost, with no packaging charge.

  • Orders ship within days, no more than a week at peak times.

  • Special orders/quantities require lead time.

    • ex. - orders for more than 12 of one particular scent require 30 days notice

  • Terms: Net 30 with credit references. All others require payment   with order. 

  • Past due accounts subject to 1.5% monthly interest.

To apply, just click to call, or dial our number below and we'll take your information. 


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